Cambridge / IELTS

The special courses listed below span a period of maximum 16 weeks (32 seminars). Applicants need to score at least 70% in the preliminary language test.

Our school organizes the following courses:

  • exam preparation (Cambridge, TOEFL, IELTS, DaF, DELE, bacalaureat);
  • foreign languages for professionals (business, technical, legal, medical);
  • Romanian  for foreigners;
  • conversation, grammar, culture, civilization.

F.C.E. (First Certificate in English), level B2 European Framework of Reference of the Council of Europe, is an intermediate level exam. Provides an internationally recognized qualification for those who wish to work in an English speaking country or organization, to study in English or to use English for tourism. F.C.E. requires about 500-600 hours of study.
(Certificate in Advanced English), level C1 of the European Framework of Reference of the Council of Europe, is an advanced level exam, useful to those who need English for employment or study. It is recognized by most universities in Britain and other European countries as a test for admission to university. This Cambridge exam is most popular in Romania, and the certificate is accepted by the public and private universities as a substitute for oral baccalaureate examination, or entrance examination to some faculties. It requires 500-600 hours of study.

I.E.L.T.S.   (International English Language Testing System) is used to assess the four abilities to communicate in English – listening, reading, speaking and writing – of individuals who intend to study or work in an English-speaking environment. It is a reliable, global, authentic test, which measures the real capacity to communicate in everyday English. I.EL.T.S. is recognised in more than 135 countries around the world.

Differences between  I.E.L.T.S. and Cambridge exams

– Competence is assessed on a scale from 1 to 9.

– Exam results are communicated in two weeks.

– Certificates are valid for two years.

– Exams are held every month in Bucharest and twice a year at Cluj, Iaşi and Timişoara.

– Certificates are recognized by over 200 institutions in the U.S.A.,  Canada, Australia, Great Britain; requested by immigration authorities of Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

– Competence is assessed at various levels.

– Certificates are issued in about three months.

– Certificates may be recognised over longer periods of time, if there is evidence that the language has been practised.

– Exams are held three times a year in Bucharest, Braşov, Cluj, Constanţa, Iaşi and Timişoara.

You can also opt for the B.E.C. exam preparation courses (Business English Certificate) and T.O.E.F.L. (Test of English as a foreign language), depending on your needs.

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